About the Project

About the Project

Language, Please is a living resource for all journalists and storytellers seeking to thoughtfully cover evolving social, cultural and identity related topics.

On this site, you will find style guidance spanning six main categories: borders and populations; class and social standing; disabilities, neurodiversity, and chronic illness; gender and sexuality; mental health, trauma, and substance use; and race and ethnicity.

You will also find a directory of independent inclusivity readers who can be hired at any stage in a project and a set of reference tools to spark conversations and thoughtful decision-making around story framing and language usage.

Language, Please is not intended to replace or erase the amazing work so many journalists, academics, activists, and others have done in these spaces, but to build on their incredible work. Please see a few of the resources that informed this project below, and others are linked throughout the style guidance.

Before diving into the style guidance, please read Our Purpose.

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