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Language, Please Advisory Council 

The Language, Please Advisory Council is a group of industry leaders, writers, editors, engineers, DEI professionals, and more who have provided invaluable, early feedback on Language, Please as the project was developed. Advisory Council members have committed to supporting the project over a 12-month period to help ensure Language, Please is a living project with resources that reflect changing standards and help spark thoughtful debate. The Advisory Council is a one-year position with a stipend. If you would like to join the next iteration of the Advisory Council (2023-2024), please get in touch.

Lauren Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, Capital B

Naomi Tacuyan Underwood, Executive Director, Asian American Journalists Association

Martin Reynolds, Co-Executive Director, Maynard Institute

Cara Reedy, Disabled Journalists Association at Storyline Partners

Burke Olsen, Head Digital Officer, Deseret News 

Jeff Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer, Head of Diversity, Equity & Belonging, UM Worldwide 

Dr. Bethany Grace Howe, Board Member, The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists (NLGJA) and Communications Specialist, Oregon Department of Human Services

Robert Hernandez, USC Annenberg and National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Aaron Harvey, CEO, Made of Millions 

Tony Elkins, Product Director, Gannett

Sewell Chan, Editor in Chief, The Texas Tribune

Our Contributors

Writers, editors, copy editors, engineers, designers, DEI professionals, academics, advocates, and more contributed to Language, Please in numerous ways large and small. We are very grateful for all their contributions:

Grace Ambrossi, Sukanya Aneja, Abby Aronofsky, Noa Azulai, James Bareham, Katrina Barlow, Zack Beauchamp, Becky Becker, Melissa Bell, Cynthia Betubiza, Tanya Boucicaut, Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton, Trei Brundrett, Chris Carfolite, Geolie Cayme, Chrystal China, Chris Clermont, Amber Davis, Laura Delarato, Phil Delbourgo, Loren DiBlasi, Mila Djordjevic, Maia Dolphin-Krute, Jon Douglas, Brian Dunn, Garance Franke-Ruta, Tom Giratikanon, Constance Grady, Dorothy Hastings, Lyndsey Hayes, Blair Hickman, Sam Harris, Laura Holder, Nkoyo Iyamba, J Jamerson, Sarah Jeong, Amanda Kludt, Nishat Kurwa, Kelsey Lannin, Gina LeBlanc, Andrew Losowsky, Priyanka Mantha, Peyton McCarthy, Justin Mellette, Emma Merlis, Hanna Merzbach, Allison Miller, Ginny Mohler, Kiana Moore, Abdurrahman Muhammad, John Ness, Anna North, Rochelle Odon, Katie O’Dowd, Lauren O’Shaughnessy, Tanya Pai, Nilay Patel, Lindsay Peoples, Britt Peterson, Willa Plank, Brandy Porter, Zen Ren, Adi Robertson, Alicia Rodriguez, Andi Rogoff, Chris Roney, Corey Antonio Rose, Carl Rosen, Monica Sager, Swati Sharma, Matt Singerman, Shyra Smart, Lissa Soep, Lauren Starke, Krystal Stevens, Lauren J. Stewart, Emily Swaim, Alexis Swerdloff, Nekeed Upshaw, Hart Van Santvoord, Emma Van Susteren, Victor Ware, Chrystal Winn, Edwin H. Wong, Winnie Yoe, and Claire Yun. 

If you would like to help, please get in touch.