Inclusivity Reader Directory FAQ

FAQ — Inclusivity Reader Directory

What is an inclusivity reader?

An inclusivity reader is an independent third party with expertise in a particular area (often identity-related topics) who reviews and provides their perspective and suggestions on a piece of content.

What does an inclusivity reader do?

An inclusivity reader is a consultant who provides their expert perspective on the topic at hand. They can address certain questions and/or give overall feedback. They make suggestions and can suggest additional resources; they do not report or edit content. They are also only one individual with one perspective. The publishing party bears ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and sensitivity of the published content.

What role/responsibility does Language, Please have in the directory?

Language, Please serves as a third-party platform through which publishers and inclusivity readers can connect. We do not set rates, negotiate or execute agreements, screen participants,* or guarantee that work will be completed as agreed upon between the publisher and reader. 

*All publishers and inclusivity readers will be required to acknowledge that they have read our Terms of Use in order to access the directory, and represent that information they are presenting about themselves or their organization (for example, an inclusivity reader’s qualifications) is true and correct.

When might an inclusivity reader be needed?

A reporter and/or editor might want to hire an inclusivity reader when reporting on a group or subject that they do not have deep experience covering. Third-party readers can also be helpful to avoid overburdening any individual(s) on staff who may get many requests to review particular content outside of the scope of their job duties.

At what stage in the process should I hire a reader?

Inclusivity readers are often asked to weigh in on close-to-final drafts, but they can be helpful much earlier in the process as well — before editing is completed, for instance, or even during the story ideation and reporting phase.

What qualifications should a reader have?

Readers should have demonstrated expertise in the subject area(s) they identify on their application to the directory. This can include professional experience as well as lived experience. 

What rate do readers charge?

Language, Please is not responsible for setting or negotiating rates among readers and publishers. That said, there is a good-faith expectation that inclusivity readers engaged via the Language, Please directory will be compensated fairly and equitably. 

What’s the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is decided between the publisher and reader based on needs; inclusivity readers are asked to estimate turnaround time for a 1,000-word story as part of the application process, though that turnaround time will vary based on the subject matter and complexity/sensitivity of the content to review. 

I’m a publisher and would like to work with a reader. Where do I start?

The inclusivity reader directory can be browsed by area of expertise, geographical area, estimated turnaround time, and more criteria. It requires a login; create one here. Once you have identified a reader who matches your needs, you may reach out independently to initiate a conversation. Note that Language, Please is not responsible for setting rates, executing agreements, or ensuring agreements are fulfilled.

I need immediate support reporting or editing a story. What do I do?

Check out some of our other resources, like the Language, Please style guide, 10 essential tips, or interactive editing exercise

How do I become a reader?

If you would like to join the inclusivity reader directory, fill out this form. Note that information added to the directory is publicly available to anyone with a login, so be sure to redact any sensitive information from your application materials before submitting. 

How do I update or remove my information from the directory?

In the contact form, select “About Inclusivity Reader Directory.” Then select the relevant option from the drop-down menu and submit the form with a brief description of what you’d like to do.