Inclusivity Reader Directory

Inclusivity Reader Directory

An inclusivity reader is an independent third party with expertise in a particular area (often identity-related topics) who reviews and provides their perspective and suggestions on a piece of content. They can address certain questions, make suggestions, and/or give overall feedback; they do not report or edit content. The publishing party bears ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and sensitivity of the published content.

Language, Please does not set rates, negotiate or execute agreements, screen participants, or guarantee that work will be completed as agreed upon between the publisher and reader.

All publishers and inclusivity readers will be required to acknowledge that they have read our terms of use in order to access the directory, and represent that information they are presenting about themselves or their organization (for example, an inclusivity reader’s qualifications) is true and correct. For more details about the directory, please read the FAQ.

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Makya Little (she/her)As a Certified DE&I practitioner, former Intelligence Community DE&I Director, and a Domestic Violence Survivor, I have keen insight and perspective across multiple subject areas.Race and ethnicity, Trauma, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Racial Justice in the Workplace, Law Enforcement$8003-5 business daysWoodbridge, 
Makya Little (she/her)As a Certified DE&I practitioner, former Intelligence Community DE&I Director, and a Domestic Violence Survivor, I have keen insight and perspective across multiple subject areas.Race and ethnicity, Trauma, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Racial Justice in the Workplace, Law Enforcement$8003-5 business daysWoodbridge,
Justin Mellette (he/him)Associate teaching professor. Areas of expertise include race and class relations in American literature and culture, and Southern race and labor relations.Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues$.02 / word3-5 business daysJamaica Plain,
Maia Dolphin-Krute (she/her)I'm a chronically ill/disabled writer and editor with nine years of experience working in disability studies and public health. I've written extensively on topics like the representation of disabilities, the ongoing opioid epidemic and chronic illnesses. As an editor, I've worked on everything from interviews and reviews to longer articles and peer-reviewed monographs. I'm happy to consult on any issues related to physical disability, chronic illness, and/or mental health and substance misuse. Mental health, Addiction and substance misuse, Disabilities, Illnesses$40/hr2 business
Tanya Boucicaut (she/her)I was one of the section leaders for the Race and Ethnicity section of the Language Please Style Guide. Additionally, I have extensive experience studying and working in Black educational, artistic, and religious spaces. I guest-edited a special issue about Black protest and expressive culture for the Journal of American Folklore.Race and ethnicity, mental health, Black theater and expressive culture, mental health for educators/studentsnone provided3-5 business
Sabrina Toppa- Muslims, the Middle East, and Islam (I was raised Muslim and I lived in the Middle East and Pakistan for several years, including Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon, etc.)
- South Asia/South Asians/the Indian subcontinent (again, lived in South Asia for several years)
- Immigrant America (Grew up in immigrant America)
- Texas or Texan culture (I live in Texas currently)
- Mental health topics like depression/anxiety.
- Rape, sexual assault
- Cryptocurrencies and fintech.

Note: I have experience providing sensitivity reads and and inclusivity readings for TV and film scripts, literary fiction, and journalistic articles. I also previously provided inclusivity/sensitivity reading expertise for NoveList, a resource for libraries, about how to accurately and sensitively tag ethnicity/race and disability key words in their database.
Race and ethnicity, mental health, trauma, immigration, class, social standing, and economic issues, rape/sexual assaultDepends on the project/piece and the complexity/turnaround time.Up to 1 business dayTexassabrinatoppa@gmail.comlinkedin/sabrinatoppa@sabrinatoppa
Sabrina (she/her/they/them)My experience leans heavily into the 'lived' category, but I have done lots of research especially in race/ethnicity and gender ID to better understand myself and my community.

I have also done trainings in trauma-informed reporting and research on mental health (including years of therapy) in for my project, Up the Block.

I do the research necessary to make sure my work and every-day language is as accessible as possible.
Race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, LGBTQ+, mental health, traumaI would need to know more about this project and work expectations before providing a suggested rate.
3-5 business daysPhiladelphia,
Aria Vega (she/her)I am a sex educator and writer whose core competencies include gender, sexuality, queerness, and sex toys, plus how sex and love are shown in the media. I'm also a Black queer disabled woman, and I bring the lived experience of being multiply marginalized to this work. I'm most interested in consulting on stories concerning gender/sexuality, pleasure advocacy, and sex in pop culture.Race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, LGBTQ+$30 per piece2 business daysAtlanta,
Kristina Bravo (she/her)I'm a language barrier reviewer for a health content agency that works with health care systems and organizations, including Cornell Medicine.Race and ethnicity, mental health, illnesses, immigration, class, social standing, and socioeconomic issuesnone provided2 business daysLos Angeles, Californiakristina@lexingtonwriting.comAccessible health care content with Kristina Bravo
Ghazala Irshad (she/her)I have lived experience as an Indian Muslim American, but have also reported extensively from around the Middle East and Southeast Asia on Muslims, Arabs, Islamophobia, refugees, immigrants, and regional/religious conflict. I've worked as a copy editor, reporter, and story editor throughout my nearly 20-year career. I'm currently the Copy Chief at The Marshall Project, where my focus is on inclusive language as it relates to the criminal justice system — I'm also developing a criminal justice-specific style guide for both internal and external use.Race and ethnicity, neurodiversity, mental health, trauma, addiction and substance misuse, immigration, class, social standing, and economic issues, criminal justice, Islamophobia, war/conflict reportingDepends on the length & complexity, but I estimate $75 per page, or $150 per 1000 words.Up to 1 business dayChicago,

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