Inclusivity Reader Directory

Inclusivity Reader Directory

An inclusivity reader is an independent third party with expertise in a particular area (often identity-related topics) who reviews and provides their perspective and suggestions on a piece of content. They can address certain questions, make suggestions, and/or give overall feedback; they do not report or edit content. The publishing party bears ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and sensitivity of the published content.

Language, Please does not set rates, negotiate or execute agreements, screen participants, or guarantee that work will be completed as agreed upon between the publisher and reader.

All publishers and inclusivity readers will be required to acknowledge that they have read our terms of use in order to access the directory, and represent that information they are presenting about themselves or their organization (for example, an inclusivity reader’s qualifications) is true and correct. For more details about the directory, please read the FAQ.

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Makya Little (she/her)As a Certified DE&I practitioner, former Intelligence Community DE&I Director, and a Domestic Violence Survivor, I have keen insight and perspective across multiple subject areas.Race and ethnicity, trauma, disabilities, domestic violence, racial justice in the workplace, law enforcement$8003-5 business daysWoodbridge,
Justin Mellette (he/him)Associate teaching professor. Areas of expertise include race and class relations in American literature and culture, and Southern race and labor relations.Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues$.02 / word3-5 business daysJamaica Plain, Massachusettsjustinmellette@gmail.comResume
Maia Dolphin-Krute (she/her)I'm a chronically ill/disabled writer and editor with nine years of experience working in disability studies and public health. I've written extensively on topics like the representation of disabilities, the ongoing opioid epidemic and chronic illnesses. As an editor, I've worked on everything from interviews and reviews to longer articles and peer-reviewed monographs. I'm happy to consult on any issues related to physical disability, chronic illness, and/or mental health and substance misuse. Mental health, Addiction and substance misuse, Disabilities, Illnesses$40/hr2 business daysMassachusettsdolphinkrute.editing@gmail.comghostbodies.comResume
Tanya Boucicaut (she/her)I was one of the section leaders for the Race and Ethnicity section of the Language Please Style Guide. Additionally, I have extensive experience studying and working in Black educational, artistic, and religious spaces. I guest-edited a special issue about Black protest and expressive culture for the Journal of American Folklore.Race and ethnicity, mental health, Black theater and expressive culture, mental health for educators/studentsnone provided3-5 business daysVirginiatanyaboucicaut@gmail.comtanyaboucicaut.comResume
Sabrina Toppa- Muslims, the Middle East, and Islam (I was raised Muslim and I lived in the Middle East and Pakistan for several years, including Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon, etc.)
- South Asia/South Asians/the Indian subcontinent (again, lived in South Asia for several years)
- Immigrant America (Grew up in immigrant America)
- Texas or Texan culture (I live in Texas currently)
- Mental health topics like depression/anxiety.
- Rape, sexual assault
- Cryptocurrencies and fintech.

Note: I have experience providing sensitivity reads and and inclusivity readings for TV and film scripts, literary fiction, and journalistic articles. I also previously provided inclusivity/sensitivity reading expertise for NoveList, a resource for libraries, about how to accurately and sensitively tag ethnicity/race and disability key words in their database.
Race and ethnicity, mental health, trauma, immigration, class, social standing, and economic issues, rape/sexual assaultDepends on the project/piece and the complexity/turnaround time.Up to 1 business dayTexassabrinatoppa@gmail.comlinkedin/sabrinatoppa@sabrinatoppaResume
Sabrina (she/her/they/them)My experience leans heavily into the 'lived' category, but I have done lots of research especially in race/ethnicity and gender ID to better understand myself and my community.

I have also done trainings in trauma-informed reporting and research on mental health (including years of therapy) in for my project, Up the Block.

I do the research necessary to make sure my work and every-day language is as accessible as possible.
Race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, LGBTQ+, mental health, traumaI would need to know more about this project and work expectations before providing a suggested rate.
3-5 business daysPhiladelphia,
Aria Vega (she/her)I am a sex educator and writer whose core competencies include gender, sexuality, queerness, and sex toys, plus how sex and love are shown in the media. I'm also a Black queer disabled woman, and I bring the lived experience of being multiply marginalized to this work. I'm most interested in consulting on stories concerning gender/sexuality, pleasure advocacy, and sex in pop culture.Race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, LGBTQ+$30 per piece2 business daysAtlanta,
Kristina Bravo (she/her)I'm a language barrier reviewer for a health content agency that works with health care systems and organizations, including Cornell Medicine.Race and ethnicity, mental health, illnesses, immigration, class, social standing, and socioeconomic issuesnone provided2 business daysLos Angeles, Californiakristina@lexingtonwriting.comAccessible health care content with Kristina BravoResume
Ghazala Irshad (she/her)I have lived experience as an Indian Muslim American, but have also reported extensively from around the Middle East and Southeast Asia on Muslims, Arabs, Islamophobia, refugees, immigrants, and regional/religious conflict. I've worked as a copy editor, reporter, and story editor throughout my nearly 20-year career. I'm currently the Copy Chief at The Marshall Project, where my focus is on inclusive language as it relates to the criminal justice system — I'm also developing a criminal justice-specific style guide for both internal and external use.Race and ethnicity, neurodiversity, mental health, trauma, addiction and substance misuse, immigration, class, social standing, and economic issues, criminal justice, Islamophobia, war/conflict reportingDepends on the length & complexity, but I estimate $75 per page, or $150 per 1000 words.Up to 1 business dayChicago,
Yesenia Zetino (she/her)I am a queer, Salvadoran immigrant, who was raised in the US. I have previously worked in immigration law with unaccompanied children. I am now a PhD student studying Psychology in immigrants and Latinx communities, specifically children and trauma.Race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, LGBTQ+, mental health, trauma, illnesses, immigration, class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues$602 business daysHouston, Texas@yesenialilyResume
Jennifer Borgioli BinisMy area of expertise is education - past and present. I provide developmental feedback and research support related to the history of schools and current events in schools, especially as it relates to gender and race. In particular, I focus on the gendered nature of teaching and helping those whose experiences with K-12 education are limited to their own educational experiences better understand the connections between history and today.Race and ethnicity, Gender identity and expression, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issuesI follow EFA industry standards - generally $40 - $70 hour, depending no complexity and content.Up to 1 business dayNew York statejenn@schoolmarmadvisors.comschoolmarmadvisors.comResume
Autumn Ford (they/them)I've been reading ever since I was young, and from that age realized just how lacking a lot of content about people like me is. As I exist at an intersection of queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent identities, and with a rapid reading pace, I've been able to provide actionable, reasonable feedback that can help make stories feel not only more alive, but more human. My resume may not display much experience in this space, but I have a lifetime of providing feedback on friends and acquaintances writing, and wish to put that to work for you.

I'm very interested in consulting on queer identities, especially where those intersect with gender and sexuality. I've also got a finger on the pulse of a few different subcultures, and have a robust set of resources to consult with. Additionally, as someone who is autistic, I am able to provide insight on how those on the spectrum interact with the world.
Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Mental healthNovels: $250, shorter content: 35$/hour2 business daysWashington, DCautumnalrford@gmail.com
Keela Buford (she/her)My name is Keela Buford, a content professional of eight years and author/owner at the media publishing company, AF.FORD MEDIA.

I have written screenplay festival-nominated stories, such as my debut graphic novel, Pride, and Joy, which is a minority-focused piece of work set in the 1960s Civil Rights era. As a minority myself, I have lifelong firsthand experience and secondhand personal accounts about matters relating to gender, socioeconomic, and mental health for such audiences.
Race and ethnicity, Gender identity and expression, LGBTQ+, Mental health, Trauma, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues$30 per hour3-5 business dayskeela@affordmedia.co;
Rachael Dietkus (she/her)I am a mom, advocate, design activist, educator, design researcher / coach / therapist, licensed clinical social worker, systems detangler, and founder of Social Workers Who Design. I speak publicly about, educate on, and advocate for greater awareness to the value of social work in design, as well the call for responsible and respectful trauma responsive, healing focused, and care centered design practices, research, and leadership. These matters are often so closely intertwined with organizational cultures, so I occasionally speak about and share articles and reflections on this, too.

My current work draws from nearly 25 years of experience across serious and complex safety net, design, and cause-driven and community social justice and policy issues in health and human services, human rights advocacy, housing and homelessness access, and teaching and program management at the intersections of social work, social impact, and design in higher education.

In working across the social sector, the federal government, and higher education for most of my career, I have an intuitive awareness of what makes people in organizations thrive when they are well or unnecessarily suffer when under duress. I think about people and systems — as well as their histories — and holistically care deeply about design cultures and the people in design workplaces. This is reflected with the types of purpose- and values-aligned projects I take part in (as well as the projects I say no to).

I am also a strong advocate for amplifying the value of social workers as design leaders and for ethically and responsibly including social workers — and other care workers — in design. One of the ways I do this is by working closely with design and tech teams worldwide to intentionally build up their trauma awareness in design and research.
Mental health, TraumaVaries on project and scope3-5 business daysUrbana, ILrachael.dietkus@gmail.com
Naomi Ardjomandkermani (they/them)I am the queer and trans founder of the capacity-building assistance and inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education consulting agency, A Different Kind of Different, LLC. For nearly two decades, I have been involved in social justice advocacy through my work in equity and justice as well as inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education and skill building. As a graduate of New College of Florida, the honors college of Florida, I studied bioinformatics and received a bachelor’s degree in biology. I then went on to the University of Florida to receive my masters of public health, in social and behavioral sciences, with a focus on queer and transgender health promotion.

Independently motivated and self- taught, I advocate for the improvement of age- and developmentally-appropriate, medically accurate, inclusive and comprehensive sexual health curriculum and programming as both myself and my sex educator "alter ego", Mx. Sizzle. I work tirelessly to improve quality of care and increase positive health outcomes throughout the state of Florida and beyond. I am nationally known in the diversity and inclusion community for my program design, development, and delivery of engaging and thought- provoking cultural competence workshops.

Race and ethnicity, Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, polyamorous/multigamous relationships; kink; bdsm$1003-5 business daysSaint Petersburg,;; @mx.sizzle
Libby Graham (she/her)I'm an autistic woman and lesbian who has dealt with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression since adolescence. My personal experiences and passion for inclusivity inform my process. As a freelance editor, I approach inclusivity reading from a professional editorial and socially conscious perspective.

I specialize in speculative fiction, but I also have experience working on non-fiction pieces in academic and non-profit sectors.
Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Mental health$15 per word2 business daysVancouver, BCldgrahamediting@gmail.comldgraham.comResume
Grecia Magdaleno (she/they)My expertise in the following areas comes from both lived experience and years of professional and academic training. As for engaging in identity-based work that I don't personally embody, I approach all projects through trauma-informed and intersectional frameworks. This means that any work I do is values-driven, evidence-based, and rooted in compassion. I'm most interested in consulting on issues of gender and sexuality (with a strong focus on the LGBTQ+ community), trauma, Latinx culture, and mental health. This doesn't encapsulate other parts of me that I have expertise in, however, so I am definitely flexible and open to exploring other worlds.Race and ethnicity, Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Mental health, Trauma, Addiction and substance misuse, Disabilities, Immigration, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues, Spirituality/Belief SystemsVaries; $100 minimum, with $350 per 10,000 words (I also offer sliding-scale depending on the client)2 business daysChicago,
Katherine Lockwood (she, her)MEd in Special Education and School Counseling. Special education English teacher and school counselor for the past decade. #ownvoices and mama to a little one with a facial difference. Most interested in supporting appropriate and positive disability representation.Mental health, Disabilities, Illnesses, Infertility, IVF, miscarriage, child with disability, #ownvoicesNone provided2 business daysCape Cod, MAkatherineml22@gmail.com
Felipe Chaquea (He/Him)I work for a Non-profit called MLT (Management Leadership for Tomorrow) a non profit that works to develop diverse leaders and make corporate workplaces more equitable. I lead consulting teams to help corporate partners build DEI Strategies. I am an ex-strategy consultant, Northwestern-Kellogg MBA and worked with clients in many industries. I speak English and Spanish.Race and ethnicity, Immigration, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues$2002 business daysMiami, FLfchaquea@mlt.org
Sossity Chiricuzio (she/they)I am a fat, white, disabled, aging, non-binary queer femme who has lived experience with mental health, chronic illness, survivor experiences (sexual, emotional, and mental), communal living, rural and urban communities, chosen/blended families, poverty/working class experience, low income housing, and social welfare systems. I am interested in consulting on every genre except horror, and all of the above topics, though I limit the number of projects around survivor issues that I take on and require a content warning for those.Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Mental health, Trauma, Addiction and substance misuse, Disabilities, Illnesses, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues, body size, and aging.03/word with $50 minimum3-5 business daysPortland,
Jonathan Stoltman (he, him, his, y'all)Hi, I'm co-lead on Reporting on Addiction a group dedicated to improving accuracy and empathy in reporting. We have been working in this space for 2.5 years and are completing research, training, and technical assistance (help with sourcing, sensitivity reads, narrative arcs) for journalists and journalism students.
I'm most interested in helping with addiction related reporting, but this intersections with many of the domains y'all highlighted above.
Mental health, Addiction and substance misusemarket rate2 business daysGrand Rapids, MIreportingonaddiction.org
Reina Gattuso (she/her)I am an independent journalist, researcher, and inclusivity reader with lived and MA-level research experience in gender and sexuality studies. I have served as a sensitivity reader for nonfiction and fiction book projects. I am a white, cisgender bisexual/queer woman.

As a journalist and inclusivity reader, I have reported, written, edited, and produced features and service content on gender, sexuality, feminism, and LGBTQ identities; mental health and trauma; gender-based violence; food; and arts and cultural heritage.

I have deep research expertise and am particularly adept at providing historical context and suggestions for further research, as well as providing suggestions for accurate, sensitive, and accessible language.
Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Trauma, Feminist movements, debates, and history; LGBTQ movements, debates, and history; dynamics and impact of sexual and intimate partner violence; queer women's identity, movements, and experience; fatphobia and size diversityRate negotiated on a per-project basis; typically by word count.2 business daysNew York
Grayson Schultz (he/him)I am a nonbinary, transgender, disabled, neurodivergent, and queer sex educator. I've been working in the disability + chronic illness / pain world as a patient activist since 2009, and have won multiple awards both for my activism and for content I've created as a sex educator.

I'm most interested in reviewing content around rheumatology, chronic pain, the LGBTQ+ community, PTSD, ADHD, and sexual health.
Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, Mental health, Disabilities, IllnessesI am flexible.2 business daysOhio, USAgraysongoal@gmail.com;
Tadeas Jun (he / they)I am a queer (bisexual polyam) student of English and a programmer. I am actively engaged in LGBTQ social life in the Czech Republic, and I am a member of several queer online communities. Furthermore, my academic focus revolves around queer interpretation of literature and the representation of queer people in media. I believe these experiences give me the expertise necessary to consult on issues regarding gender and sexuality.Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+$303-5 business daysCzech Republictadeas@eledris.com
Marlupe Caldas (she/her)More connected to socialism, I have been seeking to defend the rights of women and workers over the years. In the Government of Bahia I worked on socioeconomic issues. In addition, I was a local partner of Unicef ​​in the defense of the rights of children and adolescents in Bahia.Sexuality, Mental health, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues, child and adolescent protectionR$10,00 for page2 business daysSalvador, Bahia, Brasilmarlupecaldas@gmail.com
Kylie Milne (she/her)I live with these topics and I'm comfortable sharing my knowledge about themSexuality, LGBTQ+, Mental health, Disabilities$15Up to 1 business dayCanadakyliemilne101@gmail.com
Jennifer C. Martin (she/her)Religion or sexuality as it pertains to relationship style (non-monogamy versus monogamy) -- I applied for the religion style guidance writer position for Language, Please, too.Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Mental health, Disabilities, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues, Religion$45/hour or $50-$75 per pieceUp to 1 business dayRichmond, VAjennbo@gmail.com
Shannon Dingle (she/her)I'm professionally, personally, and parentally invested in trauma, disabilities, and neurodiversity. I hold an M.A.Ed. in Special Education and developed one of the largest inclusive disability ministries in the U.S. at an area church. I live with PTSD, a spinal cord injury, autism, ADHD, rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune disorders. My children's diagnoses include ADHD, asthma, autism, epilepsy, HIV, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and Long COVID.Neurodiversity, Trauma, DisabilitiesVaries by lengthUp to 1 business dayRaleigh,;
Kashif Andrew Graham (he/him)As a queer Black Jamaican-American living in the South, I am no stranger to issues of race, gender and sexuality. I am a frequent contributor to Nashville Scene and Chapter16, where I review books on the aforementioned topics, as well as cultural criticism essays. I also work as an academic librarian for a research institution, and in my professional capacity keep abreast of the latest terminologies, research findings, and other relevant information on these topics.Race and ethnicity, Gender identity and expression, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, Class, social standing, and socioeconomic issues35/hr2 business daysNashville,

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